Meet the Team

Sandra Kirkham
Managing Director
Progress to Excellence Group

In operational control of the business, Sandra heads up Progress to Excellence where she puts emphasis on delivering high-quality training by committed staff.

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Damian Burdin
Chief Executive Officer

In his role as Quality Manager, Damian ensures all procedures and quality cycles are in place for Ofsted inspection and deals with awarding body specifications in addition to monitoring visits to sub-contractors.

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Cath Goodwin
Director of Business and Commercial Operations

In her role as Director of Business Development,  Cath is responsible for the growth of the business and ensures an excellent level of service is maintained for both internal and external customers.

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Louise ClarkeLouise Clarke
Management Information Systems Manager

As Information Systems Manager, Louise’s role involves managing data audit as well as contract management, liaising with the Skills Funding Agency, sub-contractors and the awarding bodies.

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Performance Improvement Manager

Donna-Marie is at the centre of driving standards at Progress to Excellence, focussing on outcomes for learners.

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Katy Lennon
Quality Manager

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Steven Gabriel
Training Manager

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team_kim_tnKim Rushant
FE Loans Manager

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