Pastoral Support Policy


Progress to Excellence Ltd is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of staff and learners. We appreciate there will be times when individuals may need additional support for issues affecting them at work, at home or while in learning. We have Pastoral Support Officers who will work closely with individuals, providing them with the necessary help and support through information, advice and guidance.


Pastoral support is a confidential service available to all staff and learners who are undertaking an apprenticeship programme. It provides one-to-one support and guidance for individuals experiencing issues that may be affecting their social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing.


Progress to Excellence Ltd aims to identify any concerns or issues at the earliest possible opportunity and remove any barriers which prevent individuals from reaching their full potential in learning and employment or that affect their personal wellbeing.

Through our pastoral support system, we aim to develop positive relationships to ensure that any difficulties are discussed and resolved in the best possible way for the individual. The aim for these individuals is to progress at a rate unimpaired by difficulties.

The pastoral support team at Progress to Excellence Ltd offers help and support to individuals through circumstances including:

  • Behaviour support/management
  • Emotional support
  • Links to specialist external agencies
  • Work experience
  • Financial hardship
  • Housing problems
  • Relationship/family difficulties
  • Employment problems
  • Poor health/illness
  • Bereavement


The pastoral support system is the responsibility of the Quality Manager who oversees all employees working in this context.

Designated Officers are:

Diana Brady (Health and Wellbeing Officer)

Steven Gabriel (Equality and Diversity Officer)

Designated Pastoral Support Officers are responsible for conducting initial assessments with all learners aged 16-18 to identify if a pastoral support programme is required. They will also act upon any referrals from staff, learners and training and assessment officers.

Designated officers will record all correspondence made with individuals protecting its contents in line with the Data Protection Act1998.


We respect the wishes of every individual and appreciate that they may be experiencing issues that they do not wish to disclose. All individuals have the right to request that a referral not be taken further.

At the initial assessment for learners aged 16-18 and those aged 19-24, where a learner has a disability they can choose not to complete the assessment and/or access to the service. In this instance, all learners will be provided with a list of external agencies that provide free confidential support for a wide range of issues.

Training and assessment officers

Training and assessment officers are responsible for continuously monitoring the progress of each individual learner. It is therefore their responsibility to respond to any concerns that they feel may be affecting a learner’s progress and/or wellbeing. Any issues must be reported to the Pastoral Support Team in accordance with the pastoral support procedure.

Progress to Excellence managers

Progresses to Excellence Ltd recognises that employees may experience personal issues that effect their workplace performance, productivity and health and wellbeing. We also appreciate that there will be issues they may not wish to share with colleagues or their line managers.

In support of these circumstances, Progress to Excellence Ltd has integrated the Peninsula Business Services Employee Assistance Programme. The programme is available to all employees and members of their family and provides immediate help and advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Health and Wellbeing Officer is responsible for ensuring employees are informed of the service regularly. The management team should also signpost employees to the service when concerns have been raised.

The management team is responsible for the daily management of individuals within their team and, through regular one-to-one sessions, is responsible for supporting the individual’s health and wellbeing, including the monitoring of work-life balance. Where a manager feels that an individual may be experiencing issues affecting their apprenticeship programme, they are responsible for referring their concerns to the Pastoral Support Team in line with the company’s pastoral support procedure.


For all employers accessing funding for learners aged 16-18, information regarding the pastoral support system at Progress to Excellence Ltd will be provided. In the event that they are concerned about the performance or wellbeing of an individual at home or at work, they then can report this directly to the training and assessment officer or Pastoral Support Team. For issues that arise due to workplace activities, information may be shared with the employer in order to provide a positive outcome for all parties.