Mission Statement

Progress to Excellence Ltd aims to provide Excellence in Education.


Our vision is to create a brilliant service for lifelong learning where all of our learners fulfil their potential and where we are seen as the provider of choice for employers, employees and stakeholders.


Learner success is at the heart of our work

We believe that enabling learners is our core purpose and that all staff, whatever their role, make a vital contribution to a successful and rewarding learning experience for our learners.

We have high expectations and aim for excellence

We believe in supporting our learners and staff to achieve their full potential and that high standards should always be our aim. We expect to challenge, praise and inspire our learners. We are not satisfied with merely adequate performance in any area of our work. We want learners to tell us how they learn best and how we can best meet their needs.

We respect everyone and celebrate diversity

We believe that every learner and every member of staff matters and that trust and mutual respect are essential to the health of our organisation. We believe in creating an environment where difference and diversity are respected.

We are committed to teamwork, sharing good practice and partnership

We recognise that where all staff and learners share common values we are successful. We encourage all staff to innovate, create and contribute. We expect all staff and learners to promote the company and its values. We recognise the need to create opportunities for the free flow of ideas and contributions from all staff and learners.

We aim to exceed customer expectations

We recognise the key role our company plays in meeting the needs of employers and the economy. We aim to be businesslike and easy to do business with. We need to exceed our customers’ expectations, ensuring that we build excellent relationships which result in tangible benefits for our customers.

We aim to promote sustainability and use our resources efficiently

We support environmentally responsible practices in our use of resources. We believe that safe, secure, welcoming learning and working environments are the pre-requisite for success.

Core Behaviours

We are open, honest and clear in what we say and do
We are approachable
We have a zero tolerance to bullying
Everyone is treated equally
We respect each other and our differences
We say thank you to show appreciation
We make our workplace welcoming and friendly
We listen to each other
We welcome feedback to help us continuously improve and develop
We work together as one team