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Everything you need to know

Your child has many decisions to make when leaving school, we understand this can very daunting. They may know exactly what they want to do, they may have no idea, or they may have ideas but not sure which is best for them. If your child is considering an apprenticeship, this guide will tell you all you need to know and equip you with the knowledge to encourage your child to take positive steps into their career.

So – what is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a real job, with training, that allows the individual to earn while they learn. Not only do they receive this benefit, they gain valuable life skills and essential work experience. There are many sectors to choose from, all varying in length of times taken to complete. A full list of apprenticeships we offer and their timescales can be found here.

Apprenticeships start at level 2 and can go right up to degree level.

Every apprentice receives a thorough induction into their employment and into their apprenticeship. They’re allocated a Training and Assessment Officer (TAO) who takes them through their learning journey. Their TAO visits approximately every 4 weeks and conducts work based assessments, this is in conjunction with learner driven assignments and employer based witness testimonies. Assessment methods are carefully selected to accommodate every learner’s individual need, so rest assured they are well looked after!

The minimum wage for apprentices can be found here, but many employers pay more than this. This is dependent on the sector, region and apprenticeship level eg some higher apprenticeships can pay as much as £300 – £500 per week.

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16. There are different entry requirements depending on the sector and the job.

  • Earn whilst you learn
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Excellent progression opportunities, whether looking to study further or climb the ranks within the workplace
  • Paid holidays
  • Well supported on a learning program where the delivery is tailored around the apprentice.

Progress to Excellence Ltd have an excellent pastoral support service. We are genuinely interested in the learner’s personal development. Our Personal Development, Behaviours and Welfare (PDBW) Officer is available to provide expert information, advice and guidance, too all learners that need it. This could be supporting learners through financial difficulty, conflict in the workplace, bereavement and confidence issues. Our apprentices need never feel they are alone – we are always here to help and where we cannot help we can signpost to the most appropriate services available in their area.

In the 2015 Autumn Budget, the Chancellor announced the introduction of a new levy on all large UK employers to fund apprenticeships. The levy underpins the Government’s apprenticeship reform programme and its commitment to achieving 3 million apprenticeship starts by 2020 – a 35% increase in the apprenticeships delivered in the last Parliament. The levy is intended to provide the funding and incentives to help deliver this commitment.

The levy will support all post-16 apprenticeships in England. It will provide funding that each employer can use to meet their individual needs. The funding will be directly controlled by employers via the digital apprenticeships voucher; firms that are committed to training will be able to get back more than they put in.

All apprenticeship vacancies can be found on our website here.

  • Talk about apprenticeships and establish what industry your child would like to work in
  • Use the national apprenticeship website to see what apprenticeships are available
  • Explore the progression opportunities available
  • If you require further information on any apprenticeships listed on our site, please feel free to give us a call.

Progress to Excellence Ltd is fully committed to the values and practices of safeguarding. It is therefore, the responsibility of everyone involved in the learner journey to ensure their safety and wellbeing is met at all times.

The safety of learners is paramount at Progress to Excellence Ltd and we do our up-most to ensure learners are protected from harm, abuse and radicalisation, both at home and at work.

We are fully committed to the Prevent duty and do our up-most to protect learners from being drawn into extremism. See below, some of the signs that something could be wrong:

  • Preparing to or cutting ties with friends and family, keeping company with a new circle of friends, and adopting a whole new lifestyle
  • Spending time looking at extremist groups
  • Expressing hateful views or using derogatory terms towards certain individuals or group
  • Supporting violence for a cause.

If you have any concerns about your child, you can raise them here.

For further information on our safeguarding practise, including e-safety please see the safeguarding area of our website.

Development and welfare for your apprentices

To find out more about how Progress to Excellence Ltd supports apprentices, click here.