Prevent and British Values

What is the Prevent duty?

Prevent is the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy to stop people becoming radicalised and involved in violent extremism or supporting terrorism, in all its forms. Progress to Excellence Ltd have fully embraced the strategy by enhancing safeguarding procedures to protect staff and learners from such harm.

So, how can you help?

What responsibilities do Progress to Excellence Ltd have as part of the strategy?

  • Progress to Excellence Ltd are fully committed to the strategy. We teach, test and measure our effectiveness in raising awareness of British values, the Equality Act and Prevent practices
  • Through continuous, quality training, we equip all involved with the knowledge of how to spot signs of radicalisation and extremism
  • We ensure that everybody with a link to Progress to Excellence Ltd knows how to report any safeguarding concerns, including those related to radicalisation and extremism.

Protect, Prepare, Pursue, Prevent

As an employer

  • Accept the free training that’s on offer. We strongly support employers in improving their awareness of the duty by offering free training and policy reviews
  • Be vigilant to help spot any issues; changes in attitude or behaviours; or any other concerns about a learner’s health and wellbeing, which may lead to them being vulnerable and susceptible to radicalisation and extremism
  • Know how to raise issues!

As a learner

  • Try your best to understand the risks of radicalisation and extremism and know how to protect yourself
  • Be vigilant to signs of possible abuse or harm
  • Be confident in how and who to report concerns to
  • Progress to Excellence Ltd have a Learner Panel with Prevent being a key topic for discussion. Follow the Learner Panel page for more information.

As a parent

  • Gain an awareness of what the Prevent duty is and be able to discuss with your child
  • Gain the knowledge to be vigilant of the signs of abuse or harm
  • Know how and who to report these to


There are lots of decisions that need to be made for everyone in Britain. Democracy is a way of making decisions.

The British democracy allows the people to have freedom of speech (although not to offend others) and intends to ensure that no person is discriminated against because of factors such as their age, race, religion or sexual orientation.



The principle that all people and institutions are subject and accountable to law, that is fairly applied and enforced; the principle of government by law.





The individual liberty we have means we can make lots of choices about how to live our lives.

It doesn’t mean complete freedom – there are rules. Some of these are to keep us safe and to make sure we don’t hurt anyone else. It allows us to live as we choose and to have our own opinions and views.



Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Mutual respect is when two people may not agree on everything but agree to work things out because they respect each other. Mutual respect is important in all aspects of life including employment and education.


Progress to Excellence Ltd explore British values as part of your learning. You will have the opportunity to explore the values and see how each impact on you, the people around you and our country.

Should you wish to find out more, contact our PDBW Officer here.

Looking for more information?

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