The Workforce Development Fund

Claim money towards developing your employees thanks to the Workforce Development Fund

If you’re an adult social care employer in England, you can claim the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) towards the costs of your employees completing adult social care qualifications, units and learning programmes.

The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is limited pot of money from the Department of Health which is disbursed by Skills for Care. It funds qualifications, units and learning programmes to support the ongoing professional development of staff across adult social care in England.

Employers can claim back a contribution towards the costs of employees completing health and social care qualifications, units, apprenticeships and learning programmes. Employers who directly incur costs for learning and development, such as course fees, can access the WDF to reclaim a contribution towards these costs.

How do I access the fund?

We can help you access the funding as your employee achieves the main aim of each unit of their QCF qualification. The WDF pays a contribution of £15 per QCF credit, with a maximum of 60 credits per learner per funding year. More information can be found here.

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